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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So, what is an inverse option flip?

The inverse option flip is a way of flipping properties using a set of contracts with property sellers and property buyers that uses an invoice method that allows you take your profit for structuring a real estate deal and then giving (assigning) it to the property seller.

This is similar to what the Home Seller Assist program called an Inverse Purchase that has been employed by thousands of smart real estate investors since 1999.

Our current real estate market requires a new way for flipping houses and the Inverse Option Flip is the finished product after a year long development geared for the new economy we are now facing.

With the new live training, you can be a real estate investor without putting up with a long term investment and the headaches that can go along with that.

Learn how to use the Inverse Option Flip to flip properties using a special $10 option contract.

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